Chinese government fears the collapse of the DPRK

12 09 2009

Danielle Chubb_photograph_2SBS Radio Worldview (3 July 2009)

In an interview with Australia ’s SBS Worldview program, Danielle Chubb discusses the recent announcement by the World Food Program regarding shortfalls in food aid to North Korea and answers questions as to why the North Korean regime seems to be willing to incur the wrath of the international aid donor community in return for the continuation of its nuclear program.

She argues that the North Korean government views its top priority to be regime security and is thus willing to risk a decrease in food aid donations from the international community if it believes that it is able to gain itself a more favourable bargaining position through the provocative actions that have caused such discontent among international aid donors.

It is thus important to understand that the politics of how the North Korean government deals with the nuclear issue is actually quite independent of how it approaches the question of food aid.  Relatedly, Danielle argues that while China, an important donor of aid to North Korea, has publicly condemned the most recent North Korean nuclear tests, the North Korean regime is aware that the Chinese government fears the collapse of the DPRK and would thus ultimately be unwilling to cut North Korea from all aid, as it perceives survival of the North Korean regime to be the most pressing issue…   Download the MP3 audio file here…

* Danielle Chubb is a PhD Candidate in the Department of International Relations at the Australian National University in Canberra

Also listen to the ABC Radio Australia’s interview with Dr. Leonid Petrov “China still demonstrating ‘ambiguous’ stance on North Korea” here…



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