KOFFIA is back in Sydney

16 08 2011

The Korean Film Festival in Australia (KOFFIA) first began in October of 2010 and was the inaugural festival of its kind. KOFFIA is back for a 2nd edition in 2011 and will take place in both Sydney and Melbourne. The festival is organised by the Korean Cultural Office, with support from the Consulate-General of the Republic of Korea in Sydney.
It aims to:
– Generate an interest in Korean Cinema within the local community.
– Raise the understanding of the aesthetics of Korean films throughout the community.
– Share the virtues of Korean Culture and Tradition.
– Provide support and give opportunity to aspiring Korean filmmakers residing in Australia.
– Develop relations with Australian artists.

KOFFIA MEDIA FORUM / Discussion on “J.S.A Joint Security Area”, “Secret Reunion”, “The Journals of Musan”

DATE: Sun 28th Aug 2011 (4:00pm – 4:30pm)
Venue: Dendy Opera Quays, Sydney
Dr. Leonid Petrov (Korean Studies Lecturer, University of Sydney)
Dr. Jane Park (Gender and Cultural Studies, University of Sydney)

TOPIC: Korean War in Films
The Korean War in Korean cinema has always been one of the most prolifically recurring themes. This year at KOFFIA there are three films deals with the Korean War directly as well as indirectly. Leonid Petrov and Jane Park, from their own respective academic background, will share their own insights about the theme of the Korean War in Korean cinema with the audience.

The Journals of Musan (2010)

127min, HD Cam, 2.35:1
Directed by PARK Jung-bum
Keywords: Drama, North Korea, Award Winning, Based on a true story
Cast: PARK Jung-bum, JIN Yong-ok, KANG Eun-jin

The award winning realistic depiction of a North Korean south of the border. Seung-chul is a North Korean defector now living in Seoul. He is constantly stigmatized as his identification number gives him away to the local people. His personality does not help either, he seems neither smart nor particularly strong-willed and his introverted nature beings to clash with his Seoul surroundings. Changes creep in slowly and secretly, as his new home lacks the freedom it promised.

The Journals of Musan has garnered, so far, 14 awards at various international film festivals including Busan, Tribeca and Rotterdam. This independent film is simply a tour de force. PARK Jung-bum not only produced and directed the picture, but also performed as the protagonist in the film. The film is dedicated his late-friend JEON Seung-chul, a North Korean defector who died of cancer and who he was inspired by to create the film.

This is PARK Jung-bums 1st feature film, having previously worked as an assistant director to Lee Chang-dong on Poetry (2010) and being a keen observer of all of Lee’s films. What results is a unique point of view of an often not talked about situation. A must see of KOFFIA 2011!

Screening Schedule:
26th August / 10:00am @ Dendy Cinemas, Sydney
27th August / 4:30pm @ Dendy Cinemas, Sydney

Secret Reunion (2010)

116min, 35mm, 2.35:1
Directed by JANG Hun
Keywords: Thriller, Espionage, Buddy Comedy, Box-office hit
Cast: SONG Kang-ho, KANG Dong-won, JEON Gook-hwan, KO Chang-seok

A Korean buddy action comedy like never before! Agent Lee (SONG Kang-ho) was once one of the top National Intelligence Agents in Korea, however he soon falls from grace as a High Profile case goes bad. A North Korea spy Ji-won (KANG Dong-won) gets marked as a traitor in the same incident as neither side got the result they were after. 6 years later, the two outcasts stumble across each other and form an unlikely partnership in order to steal information from the other. .

Awarded Best Film at the 31st Blue Dragon Film Awards, Secret Reunion was the 2nd highest grossing film at the 2010 Korean Box office behind only The Man From Nowhere. JANG Hun had been known mostly for his assistant directing work to Kim Ki-duk on the likes of Time (2006) and The Bow (2005). That was of course before his feature debut, last years KOFFIA 2010 hit film, Rough Cut (2008). Even bigger and better things are expected from Jang Hun’s 3rd feature currently in theatres, Battle of the Hills.

Screening Schedule:
25th August / 6:00pm @ Dendy Cinemas, Sydney
29th August / 10:00am @ Dendy Cinemas, Sydney
12th September / 8:15pm @ ACMI Cinemas, Sydney

J.S.A. Joint Security Area (2000)

110min, 35mm, 2.35:1
Directed by PARK Chan-wook
Keywords: Drama, War, North South Relations, Classic
Cast: SONG Kang-ho, LEE Young-ae, LEE Byung-hun, SHIN Ha-kyun

Simply one of best Korean films of all time, see it on the big screen! At the DMZ, one South Korean soldier kills two North Korean soldiers. The international investigation begins as to find out exactly how this happened, but everyone who is related to the incident tells a different and contradictory story. The truth is shelled in four soldiers from the South as well as North.

The vengeance trilogy may be PARK Chan-wook’s most widely known works, but JSA is the film where his career really took off. Featuring an all star cast of SONG Kang-ho (Thirst), LEE Young-ae (Sympathy for Lady Vengeance), LEE Byung-hun (I Saw the Devil) and SHIN Ha-kyun (Sympathy for Mr Vengeance), it is a must see for all Korean film fans!

Screening Schedule:
28th August / 2:00pm @ Dendy Cinemas, Sydney
11th September / 6:15pm @ ACMI Cinemas, Sydney




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